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Legionella Concern at Viking Line Spa in Sweden

Legionella Scare at Viking Line Spa

Heads up to my friends and colleagues dwelling in this beautiful Scandinavian paradise! A rather unsettling development has come to light. An infamous visitor, the “legionella” bacterium, has decided to pool up at Viking Line’s spa department.

Let’s dive into that a bit.

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The Unwanted Visitor

Here’s a lowdown for those not acquainted with this micro-terror. The legionella bacterium can lead to a serious illness, especially if you have a weakened immune system and breathe in air containing the bacteria. It’s not your typical spa experience, that’s for sure.

“Elevated levels of legionella bacteria have been found in two pools at the spa department on the Viking Glory ship, as per a press release from Viking Line. There’s currently no information to suggest that any traveler has been infected.”

Precautionary Measures & Clean-Up Operation

Quick to act, the Viking Line crew have shut down the spa department for safety reasons and a sanitizing operation is ongoing. Talk about spring cleaning in the middle of winter!

“The spa-department isn’t being a maverick here, friends. It’s all happening for properly grounded safety reasons.

Additional control samples need to be conducted before the department is back in business.”

Balancing Safety and Comfort

It’s a bit of a dampener on your wellness routine, huh? But of course, safety takes precedence over pampering. After all, we’re in Sweden, where taking care of ‘lagom’ – just the right amount – is a way of living. Quite contrary to the legionella practice of ‘more the merrier.’

No Cause for Panic

While this news might cause a ripple of concern, it’s important to keep in mind that no cases of infection have been reported. That’s some good news.

“No traveler so far has been reported to be infected. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, albeit, not in the spa. Pun intended.”

The Bottom Line

So, until the spa department on the Viking Glory reopens, how about we find our zen in a pot of piping hot Swedish glögg or a stroll along the frozen Mälaren Lake? That’s the quintessential Swedish way of dealing with crises, isn’t it?

Hej då till then (Goodbye till then), and remember to keep those Nordic wellness spirits high!

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