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Winter Woes: Treacherous Weather Disrupts Christmas Travel in Southern Sweden

Rough Ride this Christmas – Trains Cancelled

Winter greetings to our fellow expats in Sweden! It might be the season of joy, but it seems Mother Nature presents southern Sweden with her own sort of Christmas “gift” – treacherous roads and cancelled trains.

Slippery Roads and Stormy Weather

Christmas traffic has turned a bit dicey in the region, with the weather gods whipping up slippery roads. Visualize a cold winter drive with swathes of frosty roads threatening to take you and your vehicle on a potentially calamitous spin. That’s the picture in some parts of the west coast, where there’s not only a risk of flooded roads but gusty winds that can make driving a white-knuckle experience. Harsh enough for Trafikverket, the Swedish transport agency, to shut down some train routes.

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Be aware that the mild surrounds in the southern part of the country may put a wrinkle in your travel even on Christmas Day.

“SMHI warns of sudden icy roads in northern Götaland and parts of southern Svealand”

The problems may be creeping slowly but surely further south as temperatures dip.

“There will also be rain and wet snow during the day. If the roads are still wet, it can freeze in the afternoon and evening, and it’s good to remember that,” says Sofia Söderberg, meteorologist at SMHI.

Furthermore, Götaland is blowing quite a blizzard. The west coast and parts of Skåne are at risk of storm gusts.

Train Routes Disrupted

This inclement weather has led to several train lines getting cancelled, including Varberg-Borås, Eslöv–Helsingborg, Halmstad–Värnamo, Kalmar–Linköping, and Ystad–Simrishamn. They are expected to resume late Christmas evening or not until Boxing Day.

“SMHI also issued an orange warning for high water levels along parts of the west coast, where there is a risk of flooding”

As of 7 AM, water levels in Helsingborg and Halmstad have risen about 100 centimetres above normal!


Challenging weather conditions make for an unforgettable Swedish Christmas experience, but let’s stay safe out there, folks. Check weather updates before venturing out, especially if you’re planning a long holiday drive. Stay warm and let’s hope the weather eases off in the coming days for smoother travels. God Jul!

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