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Turkey Wants to Arrest Woman Who Burned Koran in Stockholm

Burning the Koran in Sweden: A Controversial Issue

Burning the Koran has become a controversial topic in Sweden recently, particularly after a woman in her 50s set fire to one at Ängbybadet in Stockholm last week. Now, a Turkish court in Ankara has issued an arrest warrant for the woman, accusing her of “inciting hatred and hostility”. The arrest warrant means that if the woman is within Turkey’s borders, she risks being arrested.

Woman Arrested in Turkey for Burning Koran

When asked by DN, the woman stated that she had applied for another public gathering with the intention of burning the Koran again. She also stated that she had no plans to travel to Turkey.

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Swedish Law on Burning the Koran

According to Pål Wrange, professor of international law at Stockholm University, even if the woman is a Swedish citizen, she cannot be extradited because what she has done is not punishable in Sweden. Wrange states that “burning the Koran does not constitute a crime under Swedish law” and that “no one has been prosecuted for it” so far.

International Reaction to Koran Burning

The events have caused an uproar internationally, with condemnation and strong reactions from countries outside Sweden. This includes instances such as when the Swedish embassy in Baghdad was stormed and set on fire.

The Consequences of Burning the Koran

Burning the Koran is an inflammatory issue with serious consequences both inside and outside of Sweden. It is important to understand that even though it may not constitute a crime under Swedish law, it can have severe implications for those involved. It is necessary to approach this issue with caution and consideration for all those affected.

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