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Risk of Train Strike Today – Negotiations Still Ongoing

Negotiations are still ongoing between the Seko union and the train companies. If no agreement is reached, the union’s first step in the announced strike will take effect at 3 p.m. It primarily affects rail traffic in Skåne and Öresundstågen.

Negotiations between the Seko union and the train companies were still ongoing early Monday morning. Because Seko’s strike notice was postponed last week until today, Monday, following suggestions from the mediators, but after a so-called night mangling, they still did not agree in the morning.

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“Negotiations are still ongoing,” writes Seko’s communications manager Jonas Pettersson in a text message at 06:30 in the morning.

The deadline is 3 p.m., when the first strike step is taken.

In total, 1,200 employees at Transdev (Öresundstrafiken), SJ, Green Cargo and MTR Subway in Stockholm may be taken out on strike, where, among other things, an overtime blockade is introduced.

In the first step, traffic in Skåne and Öresundstågen will mainly be affected. There may be some impact on the subway, according to Seko.

According to Seko, there are mainly two issues that lead to the resort to the strike weapon: they want to get rid of late schedule changes and the union’s members “must be given time to recover”.

The union claims that it is the poor working conditions and the difficulties in combining work with family life that are behind so many employees leaving the train companies and that there is a lack of manpower.

According to the employer’s representative , Almega Tågföretagen, a strike that broke out would have a major impact on commuters, among other things, as well as lead to problems for business with “disrupted transport flows and rapidly canceled transports”. The overtime blockade will make it difficult to deal with, among other things, traffic disruptions and emergency sick leave.

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