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The Enigma of the ‘Most Dangerous Man’ in Sweden: A Tale of Misidentification and Resilience

A Harrowing Enigma: The Ordeal of Sweden’s Misidentified ‘Most Dangerous Man’


Imagine being branded as ‘the most dangerous man’ in Sweden, one moment you’re leading a normal life and in the blink of an eye, you’re wanted, suspected of terror-related activities, an accusation powerful enough to shake anyone’s world. That was the story of Moder Mothanna Magid eight years ago.

The Misunderstanding

Back in November 2015, the peaceful landscape of Europe was shattered by a string of violent terror attacks. Amidst the chaos, one place was hit particularly hard – the music venue Bataclan in Paris. An Eagles of Death Metal concert was interrupted by gunfire, killing 130 people. This marked the beginning of a fervid hunt for terrorists across Europe.

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Sweden wasn’t spared from the fear and tightened its security monitoring. Just a few days after the Paris bloodbath, authorities received an alarming tip about a planned attack in Sweden. The reported offender? Moder Mothanna Magid, a man living in the mining town of Boliden, Västerbotten, located 260 miles away from the terror-stricken France.

The Transformation

Fast forward to 2023, the falsely accused man is now a Swedish resident with a steady job in the industrial sector and a recent recipient of permanent residency. His life dramatically shifted from being a mundane asylum-seeker to an innocent man wrongfully accused of atrocious crimes.


Moder Mothanna Magid was born in June 1993 and spent his childhood in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, where he studied veterinary. However, he never completed his studies. In January 2015, he left his family to escape the brutalities of the Islamic State conquest in the region. His flight went through Turkey, across the Mediterranean Sea, and all over Europe before he finally landed in Boliden, Västerbotten. In 2023, he received permanent residency in Sweden. Since his arrival, he has been primarily staying with friends and he eventually became a maintenance technician and welder in the industrial sector after receiving construction training.

The Ordeal

Despite his newly formed life, the shadows of his past continue to loom. Branded as a terrorist, chased by the police, and splashed onto headlines, Magid was abruptly thrust into the heart of a drama that transformed his life overnight.

Sadly, clearing his name wasn’t the end of his tribulations. He received threatening letters stating: “We don’t want you in Sweden,” and fell victim to mistrust among some companies he worked for while his asylum process got delayed.


Every member state in the Schengen Area (most EU countries) uses a shared database called the Schengen Information System for controlling the entry and exit of people, or for monitoring foreign individuals already in the country. Reasons for a person being registered as wanted in this database can include suspicion of crime, being missing, or being denied entry for other reasons.

Resilience and the Future

Despite his harrowing journey, Magid remains unfazed and is not bitter about his past. He’s fortunate to possess a resilient spirit and is extremely thankful for getting a fresh lease on life. Now, he is striving for the ultimate milestone — Swedish citizenship and dreams of raising a family in Skellefteå, his new home.

With a story that serves as a stark reminder of the importance of accurate identification and judgement, Moder Mothanna Magid tells a tale of fortitude and courage that is both powerful and inspiring. A testament that in spite of being wrongfully accused, one can still rebuild their life, turn the tide, and achieve a sense of normalcy again.

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