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Workaholism and Cocaine Usage: A Hidden Crisis in Sweden’s Professional Sector

Workaholism topped with Cocaine: The Undercover Scene in Sweden

This piece delves into why four Swedes, namely Fredrik, David, Sara, and Lukas, fell into a cycle of using cocaine as a performance-enhancement tool in their professional lives.

Of White Lines and Pay Cheques

At a glance, Fredrik is your typical Swedish programmer. But this everyday facade hides an intriguing secret: he often snorts a line of cocaine before heading into a business meeting. All four individuals featured in our story attribute their use of this illicit substance to the stressful and competitive nature of their respective fields of work.

Programmer Fredrik narrates, “It’s possible to take a line before a business meeting”.

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An Unforgettable First Time

David, now 49, still recalls his first encounter with cocaine as the best night he’s ever had, which hooked him into the vicious cycle of addiction. Meanwhile, Fredrik finds it alarmingly normal to snort a line in the restroom, reflecting the deep-rooted change in outlook amongst some workers.

“I remember my first time: it was the best night ever,” recounts David.

Sleepless Nights and Endless Work

Sara, a 44-year-old professional, shares her experience of working for days on end, without sleeping a wink, fueled by her cocaine use. Younger players on the scene, like 30-year-old Lukas, echo similar sentiments. He recalls how the use of drugs was rampant at his former telecommunication company.

“I could work for several days without sleep,” reveals Sara.

Stepping Out from the Shadows

It’s important to note this isn’t a blanket accusation of all Swedish professionals. This situation illuminates an underworld that, although not representative of the entire workforce in Sweden, is a problem that expats moving to Sweden need to be aware of. This prevalent drug-use compromises not just the health of individuals but also the integrity and productivity of workspaces, putting every stakeholder at risk.

Conclusion: An Alarm Bell for Change

What begins as an innocuous act of ‘dulling the edges’ quickly snowballs into a major issue on a national scale. While individuals like Fredrik, David, Sara, and Lukas represent only a fraction of Sweden’s workforce, their stories capture the pressing reality of drug abuse in the corporate world. Stricter regulations, combined with regular employee health checks and robust support systems, could prove instrumental in curbing this trend.

Remember, being aware and proactive is fundamental! Although the corporate world may be demanding, sacrificing health and mental wellbeing is a price too steep to pay. Prevention, care, counseling – it’s time we focus on these cornerstones to deal more effectively with this issue.

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