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Karlstad’s Bird Poop Problem: Community Calls for Action

Stalling Cleaning, Emerging Stink – The Impact of Karlstad’s Bird Control Measures

Hey, here’s something quirky I found out: did you know we’ve got a poop problem in Karlstad? And the culprit? Birds. Literally, the city’s central square – Stora Torget – is painted with bird waste. You think your homeowners’ association is tough? Let me unfold this bizarre tidbit from our favourite Swedish corner.

The Feathery Pests of the Cent- Square

Crows in Karlstad are proving to be quite a headache for the city council, and the residents as well. For the past four years, these feathered creatures have been raining poop all over Stora Torget, much to the annoyance of the locals. Turns out, these birds have done quite a number on the city centre – creating a mess and occasionally disturbing the peace on the city’s outdoor terraces.

“We have a spacious square and many large trees around the square. We have that because we think it makes a nice square, but unfortunately, the crows agree,” laments Per-Anders Bergman, director of technical and real estate at the Karlstad municipality.

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Road to Cleanliness: Slippery or Downhill?

Recently, the poop problem has intensified like never before, drawing further irritation from the locals. The issue at hand has touched a nerve in the community, as they call for immediate action.

Karlstad’s resident, Joakim Karlsson, is among many to voice his concern, “It’s disgusting. Stora torget is the city’s showcase to the outside world, so we should clean up.”

However, the municipality points towards the unusual cold season hindering their traditional cleanup strategies. Unusually, freezing weather has turned Karlstad into an ice rink, preventing standard methods of washing away the waste with water. With layers of snow and ice covering the streets, cleaning them now would not only be terribly difficult but would also heighten the risk of creating ice, making the roads extremely slippery.

The Ticking Clock towards Thawing

With the changing weather and thawing sweeping in, Karlstad seems to have garnered another issue – stench. While cleaning is at bay, the thawing period releases an unbearable smell.

“When the weather thaws out, it smells terrible. These are dropping. The city is not exactly showing its best side. So it’s a shame for the city, or the municipality – they should prioritize this cleaning,” contended Joakim Karlsson.

But according to Per-Anders Bergman, any solution seems somewhat distant, heavily reliant on warmer weather. Any attempt to clean the remains now could turn the area into a hazardous ice-rink, asserting the need to choose the lesser evil – bird droppings instead of potential accidents due to ice

Let’s hope for a strong Swedish spring to clear up this mess swiftly and a more bird-proof solution to keep our downtown poop-free. Until next time, stay warm, dry, and do mind where you step!

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