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Richard Jomshof’s Radical Approach to Tackle Rising Violence in Sweden

The wave of violence escalating across Sweden has everyone on their toes, especially Richard Jomshof (SD), the chairman of Judiciary Committee. His recipe to put an end to it is radical – Lower the age of criminal responsibility to 13, consider a curfew and make immigration into Sweden less appealing.

“Sweden is wounded. We have to talk about re-emigration if we have to reverse this trend,” he asserts.

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While plenty of people applaud his boldness, his tough stance has also invited sharp criticism. Richard’s controversial remarks about the Prophet Mohammed, calls for burning the Quran, and demands for re-emigration have stirred the pot. Nonetheless, Richard remains unbothered.

“I didn’t join politics to be nice. Sweden needs change.”

“Our country is wounded. If we are to have any chance of reversing the trend – we must also talk about return migration”

Not Just An Immigration Issue

Richard labels this rampant escalation of violence as an “imported problem” linked to heavy immigration. He strongly believes that the multicultural society’s naive view is also part of the problem.

However, he also acknowledges that other countries with many immigrants don’t experience shooting and bombings like Sweden. Nevertheless, he’s quick to point out that violent incidents are also prevalent in these countries, hinting at the need for rethinking our approach.

Taking Tougher Measures

Richard doesn’t hesitate to suggest military involvement to combat the criminal gangs plaguing Sweden. Like France, he sees value in temporary curfews in some situations.

“The police’s toolbox should be bigger than it is today.”

Another contentious point from Richard is lowering the age of criminal responsibility from 15 years to 13 years.

“The fact that we have to discuss this shows society’s failure. But that’s the reality we live in.”

Re-emigration: The Bone Of Contention

Recently, 30 Iraqi citizens were expelled from Sweden, which sparked off strong reactions with charges of racism. Richard, however, believes that more expulsions are required. He insists on a positive contribution from newcomers regardless of their origin.

“Our country is wounded and if we are to have any chance of reversing the trend – then we must also discuss re-emigration.”

Richard Jomshof’s unconventional take on tackling Sweden’s issue of violence has left many captivated while others are furious. These are indeed radical suggestions, but sometimes it’s moments of extreme crisis that demand far-reaching measures. His statements reinforce the importance of open, honest discussions about the safety of our society, which is everyone’s responsibility.


Although it’s easy to get lost in the controversy, the objective remains – saving Sweden from the clutch of crime. Whether his methods are agreeable or not, Richard Jomshof is clearly determined to put the Swedish wolf back into the sheep’s clothing at all costs. But ultimately, there may need to be a multifaceted approach to solve this profound and tragic issue.

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