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The Macron-Kristersson Fika Saga: An Exploration of Swedish Culture

The Macron-Kristersson Fika Saga: A Lesson in Swedish Culture

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, is in Sweden for a two-day visit. Ulf Kristersson, the Swedish Prime Minister, took this opportunity to impart some friendly advice to the visitor through a post on his Instagram account.

A Warm Swedish Welcome

In the video, Kristersson explains – in both Swedish and English – the etiquette of queueing in Sweden, the outcome of complaining about the weather (a common Swedish pastime!), and the importance of a ‘fika’ break. For those new to the term, ‘fika’ basically means a coffee break, and it’s an essential part of Swedish work culture.

“Fika is a social institution in Sweden. It’s a practice observed at workplaces, where colleagues take a pause from their tasks to enjoy a hot beverage and a chat.”

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The video, light-hearted in nature, however, received mixed reactions and was met with several scornful comments. Some felt it was embarrassing and inappropriate.

Macron’s Response: A Taste of Diplomacy

Nevertheless, Macron responded to the post with grace and humor. “Dear Ulf, thank you for the information. I come well-prepared, warmly dressed! I look forward to taking a fika!”, he wrote in English and Swedish.

A Cultural Exchange

This exchange, while playful in nature, shows how leaders can communicate in a relatable and human way. It offered a peek into Swedish culture and showed a willingness to learn from each other.

An interesting tidbit here – Swedes drink the most coffee per capita after Finland. Now, we don’t know if the French president is a big coffee drinker, but embracing ‘fika’ for a couple of days would surely be an interesting experience for him!

Embracing Differences

As expats in Sweden, acknowledging and participating in local customs, such as fika, can not only be a wonderful way of embracing a new culture but also making new friends.

To conclude, leaders, like anyone else, can certainly use a friendly primer on etiquette when stepping into a new culture! This episode drives home the importance of mutual respect and understanding as an element of diplomacy. So here’s to more international visits filled with ‘fika’ breaks and candid cross-cultural exchanges!

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