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Rain and Thunder Along the West Coast – SMHI Warns of Torrential Rain

Torrential Rain and Thunder on the West Coast of Sweden – SMHI Warns

The recent dry period in Sweden is coming to an end, as a new area of rain is moving in from the south and is expected to reach the west coast on Monday. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has issued a yellow warning for torrential rain and thunder.

Moa Hallberg, a meteorologist at SMHI, explains that, “We have a front coming east towards Sweden. In the afternoon it is expected to reach the coast and in connection with that there may be heavy rain.” The storm could affect traffic and increase the risk of flooding in areas such as basements, stormwater systems, and viaducts.

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The warning applies on Monday between 5pm and 4am on Tuesday in five counties: Halland, northernmost Skåne, western Kronoberg, southwestern Jönköping, and southern parts of Västra Götaland. Large amounts of rain may also fall in Småland and Blekinge outside of the warning area.

Hallberg further adds that “There may be additional warnings, but it is something that we will decide on later in such cases.” Most of the precipitation is expected to fall during the evening and night, though showers may continue into Tuesday.

Residents living in the affected areas should take extra precautions during this time. SMHI advises that those living near flooding-prone areas should consider moving their belongings to higher ground, while those living near water sources should check for any changes in water levels. It is also important to be aware of possible traffic delays due to potential flooding.

The weather conditions have been particularly dry over the past few months in Sweden, and this new area of rain will bring much-needed moisture. It is important, however, for people to remain vigilant during this time and take measures to protect their safety.

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