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Chinese Hackers Attack US Government Agencies

Major Cyberattack on US Government Agencies

Government agencies in the United States have experienced a major cyberattack by a Chinese hacking group, Microsoft has revealed. The FBI is now conducting an investigation into the incident.

Hacker Group Storm-0558 Targets US Government

Microsoft has reported that 25 organizations, several of which are government agencies, have been affected by the breach. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the intrusion was detected “quite quickly” and that further intrusions were prevented. At this time, it is unclear which authorities were targeted.

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Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s Account Hacked

The hacker group, known as Storm-0558, is based in China and specializes in espionage and data theft. According to the Washington Post, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, who has come under fire from China for her tough export controls, is one of the hacked accounts. The breach is believed to have occurred in mid-June and the FBI investigation is ongoing.

FBI Investigating Cyberattack

The cyberattack highlights the importance of having effective security measures in place in order to protect against malicious actors. Governments must remain vigilant and provide adequate resources to ensure their systems are secure from such threats. Companies must also be aware of the risk of cyberattacks and take appropriate steps to protect their networks.

Cyber Threats Are Not Going Away

It is clear that cyber threats are not going away anytime soon and it is important for both government agencies and private companies to take the necessary steps to protect their systems from attack. By doing so, they can minimize the potential damage these attacks can cause.


In conclusion, the recent cyberattack on US government agencies shows that no system is immune from malicious actors who seek to exploit vulnerabilities for their own gain. It is therefore vital that all organizations remain vigilant and take steps to ensure their networks are secure from potential threats.

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