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Spain’s Potential Recognition of Palestine: An EU Game-Changer?

Spain on the Verge of Recognizing Palestine: A Step Towards Peace?

In a recent development bubbling up in the European political scenario, Spain has declared intentions of following Sweden’s lead by recognizing Palestine as a state. This news was shared by the Spanish Government as Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez undertakes his Middle Eastern tour.

“We must seriously consider doing this soon,” Sánchez told Spanish journalists during his visit to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Spain’s Recognition: A Door to Peace

During the recent discussions, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares confirmed that the step would occur before mid-2022, possibly in conjunction with the EU-elections on June 9. In a statement quoted by Politico, he insisted that:

“This recognition considers Israel. The recognition of the Palestinian state is Israel’s best guarantee for security.”

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In shedding light on the broader context, Spain’s move could pave the way for more EU countries to formally recognize Palestine as a state.

Sweden’s Footsteps: A Lone EU Stand

Recalling history, Sweden prominently recognized Palestine as an independent country back in 2014, making it the only EU country to make such a move till date. There have been others, like some Eastern EU countries, that had previously acknowledged Palestine in collective Eastern Bloc initiatives way back in the 80s, long before their EU membership.

Today, a common stance in Europe is that such decisions should be the whole of EU’s prerogative.

A Changing European Narrative

In a recent summit featuring leaders from Spain, Ireland, Malta, and Slovenia, new political undercurrents began to surface.

“We discussed our readiness to recognise Palestine, and said that we will do it when it can contribute positively,” reads a press release from the meeting.

This signals the brewing of possible changes in the EU’s stance on Palestine.

So, to all of you expats living here in Sweden – stay tuned. You never know when the next political ripple might occur, possibly redefining the boundaries of international relations.

Living in a foreign country is like reading a new chapter of a book each day. You’re part of the narrative. Stay updated, stay informed, and more importantly, stay engaged, because every change matters.

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