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Rising Trend of Vaping and Snus in Sweden

Vaping in Sweden: A Booming Trend

Have you noticed more people “vejping” – that is, using e-cigarettes – around you recently? If yes, you’re not alone! According to a new report from the Central Association for Alcohol and Drug Information (CAN), sales of vaping liquids in Sweden have surged by a staggering 350 percent between 2021 and 2022.

A Deeper Dive into Vaping

When you puff an e-cigarette – a practice popularly known as “vejping” in Swedish – you’re not inhaling tobacco smoke, but a nicotine-filled liquid that’s heated into vapour. This trend, although relatively new, has seen a significant rise in Sweden in the past year. Sales of these liquids used in e-cigarettes have skyrocketed, confirming that vaping has gained a substantial foothold in Swedish society.

“For the first time, it’s possible to see the development through sales data. This confirms that vaping has increased substantially,” says Mats Ramstedt, the research head at CAN.

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Snus: Rising Alongside Vaping

It’s not just vaping that’s on the rise – even the use of snus, a moist powder tobacco product, has increased by 14 percent over the past year. The steepest rise has been seen in white snus, increasing its share from 16 percent to 25 percent of snus sales.

“This increase confirms the picture seen among young people, that new groups are using white snus. It indicates it’s the same in the adult population,” adds Ramstedt.

But Cigarette Consumption Dips!

Amidst the increase in vaping and snus, here’s a surprising statistic. Since 2003, cigarette consumption in Sweden has dipped by a whopping 42 percent! Yes, despite new alternatives flooding in, traditional cigarettes face a steep decline.

What’s in It for Us, Expats?

For us expats, especially those from countries where vaping is less prevalent, this change can be a bit perplexing, even alarming. But it is essential to understand that societal attitudes towards tobacco and nicotine use vary globally. Here in Sweden, snus is culturally ingrained, and recently, vaping has also gained significant popularity. So, it’s a common sight here, and it’s crucial to understand this trend and its implications on our social circles.

Wrapping up the puff!

All in all, while cigarette consumption dips, Swedish society seems to be shifting towards newer nicotine intake methods like vaping and snus. For us, as observant residents and participants in this society, understanding these trends is an essential part of getting attuned to Swedish life. Whether we choose to join the puff or stand by, let’s continue being informed observers of this evolving landscape.

Remember, “to vape or not to vape” – or to use snus or not – ultimately boils down to personal choice and awareness about health impacts. Here’s to being connoisseurs of change! Happy observing!

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