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Opposition Leader Attacked in Korea: Unsettling Incident

High-Drama in Korea as Opposition Leader Attacked

Hot off the Swedish press is an unsettling incident from Korea that has thrown a spanner in South Korea’s political wheel – Lee Jae Myung, the country’s opposition leader, was stabbed in the middle of a press meeting in Busan. An unexpected occurrence, surely, hitting close to the Swedish expat community in Korea.

Unusual Day at the Construction Site

Lee was visiting a construction site when he was ambushed. Can you imagine, right after his arrival, amidst the cluster of journalists, someone lunged at him and attacked him on his throat. Akin to a Hollywood thriller, isn’t it? Only, this was really unfortunate.

Lee fell to the ground as people around rushed for help.

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The assailant? Pinned down by the police and spectators.

The “Knife”: Fact of Fiction

At this point you are probably wondering, ‘what was used to carry out the assault?’ Well, a witness said it seemed like a knife. A rather hair-raising fact!

Opposition Leader’s Health: All in the Dark

The current state of the 59-year old Democratic party leader? Hazy – while he was conscious when loaded into an ambulance, an air of uncertainty surrounds his well-being.

Lee narrowly lost the 2022 presidential election, the closest one in South Korea’s history, against conservative Yoon Suk Yeol.

Presidential Concern

It seems even President Yoon finds himself deeply uneasy, having expressed his worries about Lee’s safety post the attack. Big-hearted of him, considering they were political rivals!


As we wait anxiously for more news on Lee, the incident has certainly put into perspective the unpredictable and risky lives our political leaders lead. Next time you take a saunter in Stockholm, or sip coffee in Seoul, spare a thought for them. Remember, in the impassive face of diplomacy, is a human heart that beats.

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