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Review: ‘Towards the Heart of Collapse’ by Jonathan Jeppsson

Introduction: A Glimpse of Future

Have you ever wondered what our civilization might look like in 2040? There’s a new book that digs into this very question. From the quill of Swedish author and professional journalist, Jonathan Jeppsson, a grim forecast comes tumbling out. The main thesis is nothing short of startling – our civilization as we know it could be on the brink of collapse by 2040.

The Book – Heart Towards Collapse

Jeppsson, originally a researcher, published his new climate book, ‘Towards the Heart of Collapse’ recently. It follows on the heels of his last book on climate issues, ‘Eight Steps towards the Abyss’. His latest work paints a graphic picture of a world facing civilizational collapse – brought on in part by the climate crisis but also by something more immediate, the end of growth.

“Interesting Fact: The title takes its cue from the year 2040, identified in a report as when a societal collapse could occur.”

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Population Rise, Resources Decline

When showcasing a world on the edge, Jeppsson crunches some alarming numbers — our population is set to rise to just under 10 billion by 2050. Consequently, demand for resources would also skyrocket: a 50% increase for food which would require a 146% rise in water consumption. Considering that 20 of the world’s largest groundwater reserves are already drying up, that’s a serious problem.

Navigating the Climate Crisis

Furthermore, carbon emissions need to decrease by 7-8% annually to halve emissions by 2030. That’s not all – we would also need to draw almost a thousand billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere this century, using technology that does not yet exist.

“Fact block: Carbon capture technologies that could help mitigate climate change are yet at a nascent stage – underscored by Jeppsson indicating their deployment as humanity’s biggest undertaking, comparable to industrialization.”

The Wealth Gap and Diminishing Hopes

Jeppsson’s concerns extend to socio-economic disparities, highlighting that the super-rich are already preparing for collapse, investing in bunkers in New Zealand.

On the subject of downscaling or ‘degrowth’, he underlines the unlikeliness of selling the idea of shrinking economies to societies as a means to solve our challenges. However, he does emphasize that regardless of the feasibility of goals, we must continue resisting and persisting.

Conclusion: A Must-Read for Expats in Sweden

Jeppsson’s book, though tough to read, is crucial to understand the ominous speculations and realities about our future. For the expat community in Sweden, it provides a comprehensive and local perspective on global climate and civilizational collapse forecasts. Add it to your list – it doesn’t provide comforting illusions, but it gives you a chance to face the reality and adapt accordingly.

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