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The Future of U.S. Presidential Race: Trump and Haley Face Off

A Rocky Road Ahead in the Race for Presidency

Talk about an upset! It appears the latest victory of Donald Trump in New Hampshire has thrown its curveball in the campaign race of his competitor Nikki Haley. According to political scientist Chris Galdieri, these results lead to vital question marks for both camps regarding their future strategy.

Understanding the Game

Trump’s triumph was undoubtedly a win, but its specifics raise some eyebrows. The prediction was a Trump lead of 20-25% but the final numbers hovered around a lean 10%. As our friend and political scientist from Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, Chris Galdieri, notes, “this shows that quite a few Republicans aren’t onboard the Trump train”.

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That being said, it’s critical to understand that the voter bases in New Hampshire and Iowa, where Trump had a clean sweep with Haley ending third, are quite different.

Haley’s Dilemma

For Haley, the New Hampshire result falls on the negative scale. She had been banking on more substantial support than what surfaced. How about this – she now trails Trump significantly in opinion polls in her home state, South Carolina!

It’s a critical showdown for Haley, as she has her eyes firmly set on South Carolina’s primary on February 24. But if the Haley camp doesn’t work out how to clinch a primary, the race for the nomination might conclude sooner than expected.

“Haley must show a victory somewhere. She’s working hard to portray the New Hampshire outcome as a moral victory and that she did better than many expected. But she hasn’t found a winning recipe yet.” says Galdieri.

The Power of the States

Interestingly, while New Hampshire is a minor state, its primary still plays a significant role, not least in setting the tone for what’s to come. Plus, the bonus is – smaller areas offer extensive opportunities for a more intensive campaign with plenty of public appearances.

In the end, the clock is ticking, with the so-called “Super Tuesday” just around the corner in March, presenting primaries in numerous states simultaneously.

So brace yourselves fellow expats, the heat of the nominations race is just getting started, and as Chris Galdieri notes, finding a winning recipe is key! But in this political cooking class, not everyone can be top chef. Who will it be? Only time will tell.

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