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Lunar Landing: Tale of Indian-Swedish Collaboration

Lunar Landing: A tale of Indian and Swedish Collaboration

It’s not every day that your neighbors are making headlines in space science, rigtht? But did you know about the remarkable connection between our tranquil Luleå and India’s moon mission? It involves a brilliant young researcher named Banerjee. Grab your coffee, and let’s dive in!

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The Man in Sweden with a Footprint on the Moon

Banerjee, a postgraduate from the Indian Institute of Science and an expat in Luleå, played a crucial role in India’s successful moon mission, Chandrayaan-3. He developed the algorithm for the guidance and autopilot system in the spacecraft that achieved a soft landing on the southern pole of the moon on August 23rd, 2021, a mighty remarkable achievement!

“This was a giant collaboration in industry and academia, in collaboration with ISRO, the Indian Institute of Science and the space department where I did my PhD” – Banerjee

From Bangalore to Northern Sweden: An Unexpected Journey

Landing a position at Luleå Technological University’s space robotics team didn’t just mean a job upgrade for Banerjee, it was an opportunity to be part of a “fantastic” team led by Professor George Nikolakopoulos. It also meant trading sunny Bangalore for chilly, beautiful Luleå.

Despite the short daylight hours and sub-zero temperatures, Banerjee has embraced the Scandinavian way of life — a testament to how welcoming Sweden is to its expats.

“I find myself contented to be in such a nice place where there are much fewer people and more exposure to nature.” -Banerjee

Small Town, Big Dreams

Although there are only around 150 Indian expats in Luleå, Banerjee beautifully highlighted our fundamental identity:

“We are global citizens. It’s not as if we are coming here to make an Indian community, we come here to do our research, to do our work.”

Outward and Upward: An Expansive Future

Banerjee’s journey from his home country to Sweden to, well… the moon, is truly awe-inspiring! Currently, he is working closely with organizations like NASA and the European Space Agency.

This adventure, however, is not just about Banerjee, India, or the local expat community in Sweden — it’s a testament to our collective human spirit, constantly pushing boundaries and striving for greatness. Banerjee beautifully sums this up:

“Our home is not within earth only. Humanity will extend beyond that.”

A Swedish-Indian Connection… in Space?!

Well, by now, the idea may not be as far-fetched as it seems! Banerjee’s narrative of mingled experiences connects two distinct regions of the world, underlining how far we’ve come in our global integration. Let’s hope this moon landing milestone marks greater shared achievements between our beloved Sweden and Banerjee’s homeland, India, in the times to come.

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