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Security Situation Worsening in Gothenburg, Sweden

Increased Security Measures in Gothenburg

In response to the recent Quran burnings, the government and Agency for Psychological Defense are warning of incorrect messages being spread in an effort to create division and negatively influence Sweden’s reputation. To counter this, the City of Gothenburg is calling on businesses to increase their monitoring of the environment and be more attentive to any deviations.

“Our message is first and foremost that everyone should think about their own business and make their own assessments of what the new security situation means, and what their employees can do. It is a task for every company and business to think about,” says Filip Lundgren, Head of Security at the City of Gothenburg.

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Although the risk level for terrorist attacks still remains at a third on a five-point scale, the security situation has worsened according to the Security Police. This has prompted the police in Gothenburg to urge the public to be more vigilant. Jens Andersson, press spokesperson for the police in Gothenburg states, “you shouldn’t feel scared or on edge, but continue to live your life as usual. But if you see or hear something suspicious that you react to or something that deviates from the normal picture, you should feel that you can contact the police. We are grateful for information, we cannot be in all places at the same time. There, the citizens and the public fulfill an important function as our eyes and ears.”

It is difficult to say what people should specifically pay attention to; however, Andersson suggests that “your gut feeling is often right, so if you perceive a situation where people have unusual or unpleasant behavior, you should of course feel that you should contact the police.”

According to Göteborgsposten , the police in Gothenburg are now stepping up their work to prevent and complicate terrorism and violent extremism. To accomplish this they will be conducting intelligence gathering operations such as reconnaissance and telephone tapping, in addition to preventing trucks from accelerating on pedestrian streets and increasing surveillance at major events. The police in Gothenburg have also raised their level of armament. Dan Windt, acting Head of Investigation Unit in West Region states “they are not heavier weapons, but the weapons that we have when we work, and the police very often take them out with them; there are no more weapons in that context. Of course, we adapt our business to the prevailing situation in the world and the security situation in Sweden; that is what our mission is.”

The recent events have led to heightened security protocols which are necessary for keeping citizens safe. As such, it is important for everyone to stay informed and aware of their surroundings. It is also essential for businesses to assess how they can best protect themselves and their employees during this time.

In conclusion, it is vital for people living in Gothenburg – as well as all over Sweden – to pay attention to their environment and report any suspicious activity they may witness. As citizens we all play a part in preventing terrorism by being alert and aware of our surroundings while continuing with our daily lives as normal.

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