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Ukraine’s Future Shaped by the Environment Amidst War

Wallström: The Environment will Determine Ukrainians’ Future

Little did we comprehend that amidst a blazing war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj would be more eager than ever to reconstruct his war-stricken homeland. Guess what the key focus is? The environment! In his eyes, it’s bound to shape Ukrainians’ lives, health, future prospects, and way more than just that.

The Mission

Here’s the story. Former Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström had teamed up with Zelenskyj’s Chief of Staff, Andrij Jermak, to form a global group to address the environmental ruination caused by the Russian war in Ukraine. The task was to evaluate the environmental damage, scrutinize the allocation of responsibility, and scuffle ideas about how the rebuild can be more sustainable and greener. The group has recently handed a report with 50 recommendations over to Zelenskyj.

“Zelenskyj is a unique leader in the world proposing a ten-point peace plan during a war, one of them being the environment. He has realized that Ukrainians are entirely dependent on what they can cultivate and what nature can provide, so neglecting this during war is not an option.” – Margot Wallström

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The Urgency

You’d think war alone would be a lot to handle, but these guys have worked out one of the most pressing issues that needs tackling: Landmines dispersed across Ukraine. Wallström suggests that new techniques may be needed to deal with these lurking dangers.

The dumping of toxins and oil spill into nature by military attacks and importantly, the obliterated Kachovka dam are other hot topic issues. When this dam broke, unbelievable amounts of water were unleashed, spreading chemicals and toxins from factories.

The Bitter Reality

The process itself isn’t easy but getting Ukraine back on track means cleaning up no matter how tough the mess.

“If the destruction of the Kachovka dam was an intentional act, it is a considerable environmental crime and Ukrainians want to see justice served. Collecting evidence is incredibly important.” – Margot Wallström

Another chilling topic Wallström and her team have discussed is the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, based on a worst-case scenario.

The Future Is Green

Here’s what all of this can mean for us expats: Ukrainian farmers sending over fresher, greener produce to our Swedish tables and a healthy environment adding to our beautiful world is what we are all rooting for. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a country rebounding towards a greener future after such turmoil?

All in all, a victory to Ukraine isn’t just about winning the battleground, it’s about restoring a healthy and clean environment for its people. Can you believe this is happening even amidst war? Incredible!

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