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Understanding Islamophobia in Sweden: An Imam’s Perspective

Unveiling Truth About Islamophobia in Sweden: An Imam Shares His Perspective


An Imam in Malmö, Roland Vishkurti, refutes the perception of Sweden as an Islamophobic nation, despite recent Koran burnings and increasing threats towards Muslim institutions. He spoke candidly about the issues facing the community, fear of violence and the need for hate-free engagement.

Addressing Misconceptions

Vishkurti dismisses claims portraying Sweden as an anti-Muslim country. “Sweden is not an Islamophobic or anti-Muslim country. We Muslims who live here know that,” says Vishkurti. However, he carries an increasing concern that the Islamist threat may be generalized onto all Muslims, leading to increased violence towards mosques.

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“hate should not be met with hate. Then it just gets worse and worse. That is the message of our congregation,” he preaches, emphasizing the importance of love and unity over hatred and division.

Threats and Consequences

Vishkurti notes an upsurge in hatred and threats after major events connected to Islam and Muslims. He highlighted the ongoing fear and vigilance within the mosque community due to past incidents of vandalism and arson. However, he insists on resisting heavy security measures like fences, to maintain an open, welcoming atmosphere.

Last week, Säpo, the Swedish security service, heightened the terror threat level in the county, recognizing a rise in violent Islamist activity over the last year. The Malmö mosque, established in 1983 as Sweden’s first, has been familiar with hatred, threats, and destruction throughout its existence.

The Larger Picture

Vishkurti highlights the impact of major events on Sweden’s international image, mentioning hate campaigns against social services, misinterpretations of political statements and a growing us-versus-them mindset. However, beyond racism challenges, Vishkurti appreciates the country’s freedom for Muslims and the right to practice their religion.

He firmly asserts that old-established Muslim organizations in Sweden pose no hidden agendas or threats to Swedish society. The Imam argues that claims of ‘Islamization’ plans are baseless. “We hardly get the Muslims we already have to come to the mosque, how could we Islamize a whole country?!” Vishkurti humorously refutes.


In the end, Vishkurti wishes for his fellow Muslims and the larger society to remember his message from the Friday sermon – “We cannot meet hate with hate.” Thus, it’s crucial for everyone to navigate the current situation with open communication, understanding, and unity to preserve the social harmony and fear-free environment that mosques and Sweden as a whole uphold.

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