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Red-Green Rule in Gothenburg: Helping New Arrivals

Red-Green Government in Gothenburg Calls on Other Municipalities to Take Responsibility for Refugee Reception

Gothenburg’s red-green government is calling on other Western Swedish municipalities to take responsibility for refugee reception. The municipal board chairman Jonas Attenius (S) is appealing to other municipalities to increase refugee reception in order to reduce segregation in the city.

Gothenburg’s Settlement Law Reduction Prompts Increased Refugee Reception Initiative

The initiative comes as a response to the settlement law introduced in 2016, which resulted in a decrease of the municipality number for Gothenburg from just over a thousand new arrivals to 82 people in 2023. The red-green government of Gothenburg is also focusing on improving maintenance requirements within the public utility apartments, offering permanent apartment contracts to new arrivals, providing different types of language training and language tests for welfare employees, and launching the “Stop shooting” model to reduce recruitment of criminal gangs.

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Red-Green Government Focuses on Integration Efforts to Reduce Segregation in Gothenburg

Hammarkullen is one of Gothenburg’s so-called particularly vulnerable neighborhoods, with a high proportion of foreign-born people and heavily segregated. Around 80,000 people live in these areas and feel at home there and the red-green government wants to create a more mixed population by not placing new arrivals in these vulnerable areas. Jonas Attenius believes that it is important to have a long-term view when it comes to reducing segregation and that this cannot be achieved simply by looking at individual figures from one year.

Hammarkullen Neighborhood One of Gothenburg’s Most Vulnerable

The Social Democrat leader also highlights that Gothenburg has taken on an enormous responsibility when it comes to refugee reception and that citizens want to live in a city that sticks together without too many differences.

Social Democrat Leader Highlights Importance of Long-Term View on Segregation

Axel Josefson, the Moderate group leader in Gothenburg, agrees that responsibility should be distributed evenly. However, he believes that efforts should be focused on evicting gang criminals instead of sending out letters. Per Vorberg, the Moderate leader of the municipal board in Härryda, says that the issue is not relevant to Härryda, as they have received six times more funding per capita than Gothenburg in 2023. Ulf Olsson, the Social Democrat leader of the municipal board in Borås, believes that everyone should take responsibility, but Borås is already doing its part.

  • Moderate Group Leader Agrees with Even Distribution of Responsibility, but Believes Efforts Should Be Directed at Gang Criminals
  • Moderate Leader of Härryda Municipal Board Believes It Is Not Relevant for Härryda
  • Social Democrat Leader of Borås Municipal Board Believes Everyone Should Take Responsibility
Gothenburg’s Red-Green Government Hopes for Increased Refugee Reception Across Sweden

It is clear that Gothenburg’s red-green government hopes for other Swedish municipalities to share the burden by increasing refugee reception and taking on an increased responsibility for integration efforts across Sweden. This initiative will hopefully go some way towards creating a more even distribution of responsibility as well as reducing segregation in Gothenburg so that both natives and immigrants can live together peacefully.

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