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Raid in Sundsvall: Young People Used More Ruthlessly

Gang Crime in Sundsvall: A Growing Problem

Crime in Sweden has become an increasingly dangerous problem in recent years, with the prevalence of gangs and drug-related violence. In January of this year, 23 people with gang connections were arrested in a large raid in Sundsvall, a city in northern Sweden. The raid was connected to a conflict between criminal gangs over who will have control over the drug trade in the city, with one group known as the “Foxtrot Network” being led by the “Kurdish Fox”, Rawa Majid. Shockingly, four of those arrested were under 18 years of age, with the youngest being born in 2005.

The Recruitment of Young People into Gangs

Josef Wiklund, police area manager in Sundsvall, has spoken out about this issue. He states that criminal networks are “completely indifferent” to bringing young people into their networks and using them “in a more and more ruthless way”. Wiklund also comments that this “ruthless mentality has etched itself into Sundsvall”, showing just how serious the problem is.

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A Ruthless Mentality

Although many criminals have been removed from the streets of Sundsvall, crime has not decreased. Wiklund states that the “interest in this place and Sundsvall has not decreased. There is money to be made here and that is the driving force for these networks to be here and make it their territory.” This shows that, despite the arrests of those involved in gang crime, there is still a major problem in Sundsvall.

The Government’s Response

In response to this serious issue, the government has promised that they will take steps to reduce gang violence sometime after October. This is an encouraging sign that authorities are taking steps to try and reduce gang crime in Sweden. However, it is clear that more needs to be done to tackle this problem.

What Needs to be Done

The prevalence of gang crime and drug-related violence in Sweden is an issue that must be tackled head-on. It is essential that authorities take steps to reduce the recruitment of young people into these criminal networks and crack down on those involved in gang activity. Only then will we be able to make progress in reducing this problem and ensure safety across Sweden.

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