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Swedish Municipalities’ Lack of Emergency Water Plans: A Wake-Up Call

Thirsty for Planning: Swedish Municipalities Lack Emergency Water Plans

Buckle up, friend – do you know that many of our neighbourhoods might face serious water crisis in emergencies? Yes, you heard it right. A shocking finding by Sveriges Radio Ekot has revealed how many municipalities in Sweden lack a proper plan for the provision of drinking water in challenging times. Of the 178 municipalities surveyed by the Swedish Water industry organisation, a staggering 23 completely lack an “emergency water plan”. Let that sink in for a moment.

The Dry Reality

This is indeed a grim reality. More so, it’s almost the same number as compared to a year ago. No significant changes. It’s painted quite the ‘dry picture’, hasn’t it?

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Interestingly (or should I say alarmingly), it’s mostly smaller municipalities coming up short on the planning side. Pär Dalhielm, CEO of Svenskt Vatten, pointed out, “There is a lack of personnel and competence to do this type of development work.”

Sveriges Radio Ekot reports, “Of the 178 municipalities, 23 completely lack an “emergency water plan.”

Municipalities: The Thirst Quenchers or Not?

In an increasingly unpredictable world, preparing for emergencies has never been more critical. Glaringly, our local governments seem to be missing a trick here.

Drinking water supply is a fundamental public service, so one might expect – demand even, that plans for worst case scenarios would be a governance prerequisite, right? Especially having in mind expats who have to tackle an unfamiliar environment. If the regular Joe who has lived in the area for decades might struggle during water shortages, just imagine dealing with such a situation as a newcomer.

Gulp of Conclusion

So, there you have it. We certainly need a trickle-down effect of urgency in handling this water emergency planning deficiency. But until then, let’s hope for rain because there seems to be an arid planning climate in our municipalities. It’s high time we transformed the dry reality into a well-hydrated future. After all, we wouldn’t want our small talk at Swedish fika to shift from the weather to ‘remember when we had tap water’.

Let’s remind our local governments, alarm bells should ring long before the well runs dry.

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