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Series of Suspicious Fires and Crimes Stirring Up Stockholm


G’day mates! Let me bring you up to speed on some news from Stockholm that’ll leave you gobsmacked. It’s about a fire that broke out in a residence south of Stockholm, suspected to be intentional!

Hang tight because there’s more to it, let’s dive right in.

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The Fire Incident

In the early hours of Thursday, a fire was noticed on the facade of a residential house in Snättringe in Huddinge. Now, this wasn’t considered a simple case of a fire breakout by authorities. They reckon the fire was deliberate, leading them to launch an arson investigation.

**Did you know?** Arson, or mordbrand as they say in Sweden, is taken very seriously and could lead to imprisonment up to life for the culprits.

Suspicious Object on Scene

As if that wasn’t enough, authorities found a suspicious object on the scene that led to even more panic. An extensive area was cordoned off and houses on the street were evacuated as a precaution. But guess who came to the rescue? The National Bomb Guard! They soon confirmed the object to be harmless. Phew, what a relief!

On the Burg

Now let me give you the inside scoop: high-spirited neighbors played a significant role in putting out the blaze. The fire service only had to make a minor firefighting effort. But that’s not where the story ends…

The Crime Link

Earlier in the week, seven arson attacks took place against villas and apartment buildings in Stockholm. Three people were arrested, and the police are investigating links to ongoing criminal conflicts. Whether the same method was used in these fires remains a mystery, but the authorities believe the incidents are linked to other serious crimes.

“We see connections to other serious crime. Specific connections to individual events I can’t comment on for confidentiality reasons,” said the police spokesperson, Daniel Wikdahl, to DN.


No arrests have been made yet in this case. But on Wednesday evening, there was also a shooting incident in Bredäng, in southern Stockholm. Two people were also injured in a shooting in Västberga later that night.

In other news, a fire in a shop in Vallentuna, north of Stockholm was reported. The fire started outside and spread into the store but was quickly extinguished by the fire service. The police are still investigating if these incidents are interconnected or linked to other violent acts or conflicts.

We’ve got an exciting set of incidents here, linked or not, it’s hard to say. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and eyes peeled for any updates that come our way. Stockholm, mates, it’s never a dull moment here, I’ll tell ya!

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