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Challenges and Violence at Sjöviksskolan: A Deep Dive

Challenges at Sjöviksskolan: A Story of Persistent Struggles

Over the last two years, Stockholm’s Sjöviksskolan has reported 166 incidents of threats and violence against the staff, and a string of alarming events involving the welfare of both students and teachers. Despite the escalating issues, Bo Bragner, the Director of Schools, and Deirdre Cronin Olsson, the head of Sjöviksskolan, insist that the school is improving.

Brewing Concerns Amidst Positive Assessment

The numerous reports of violence and harassment submitted by parents after the previously published lawsuits provide a stark contrast to Bragner and Olsson’s positive outlook. Cronin Olsson, who is considered a highly competent principal, asserts that she supports Sjöviksskolan’s principal, Karin Langlet. However, parents claim that they continue to be rebuffed when contacting her about issues at the school.

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Incidents: A Frightening Overview

Between 2022 and 2023, school staff members reported a shocking 166 incidents of threats and physical violence through the community’s reporting system. Such numbers are nearly unheard of, with similar schools in the area reporting a range of 0-18 incidents in the same timeframe.

Despite the encouraging socio-economic ranking of the city, with Sjöviksskolan sitting at the top, an unpleasant reality lurks beneath. Stories from parents and employees reveal a school where children and staff are regularly mistreated, and actions taken against these issues are insufficient and poorly documented.


Between January 2022 and August 2023, Sjöviksskolan’s staff reported a total of 166 incidents involving threats and violence within the community’s reporting system. Source: Education Department. Graphic: DN.”

The Way Forward

Despite the challenges, the head of Sjöviksskolan maintains confidence in Principal Karin Langlet. While it recognizes the school’s high staff turnover and numerous violent incidents, it emphasizes the school’s proactive approach to identify deficiencies and carry out the necessary measures.

The Stockholm city’s new Director of Schools, Peter Bragner, also noted an improvement in younger grade students’ sense of security as per the annual safety survey. However, he stressed that no child should ever feel unsafe, and it remains crucial for the school to be properly supported through this troubling period.

This news serves as a stark reminder to the expat community of the challenges facing some educational institutions in Sweden. It’s critical to keep these discussions vibrant, truthful, and open, allowing for swift action and change.


Sjöviksskolan is located in Årstaberg, southern Stockholm, and educates 830 students from preschool to ninth grade. Source: Stockholm city.”

In conclusion, the concerns at Sjöviksskolan reflect the urgent need to address safety issues within Swedish schools. The commitment of its principal and higher authorities to the school’s progress is encouraging, but benchmarking this progress against objective standards remains crucial.

Remember, every student deserves a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment. Let’s ensure this right is upheld, even in the face of challenges and for every expat child studying in schools across the Kingdom of Sweden.

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