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Tenerife’s Unprecedented Drought: A Global Wakeup Call

Welcome to the Thirsty Island: Tenerife’s Water Woes

Here’s a bit of news from our good ol’ Swedish newspaper that will make you stop and think about global environmental changes – Tenerife is about to declare a state of emergency due to unprecedented drought.

When Nature Throws a Curveball

What’s unfolding in Canary Islands’ largest jewel is a remarkable mix of unusual weather patterns leading to critically low water levels. Tenerife, beloved by tourists for its alluring landscapes, might confront long months or even years of water scarcity.
Yeah, it’s a bit worrying, isn’t it? The region’s president, Rosa Dávila, described last winter as one of the driest in recent history according to Euronews. It’s usually a wet season but the rainfall has been much less than normal this year.

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Unseasonably Warm Days, Alarmingly Low Rain

To top it off, Tenerife just had its warmest January in 60 years with an average temperature of 20.9°C. Now, imagine the drop in the water count.

Chilling Stat: Tenerife’s warmest January in 60 years recorded a mean temperature of 20.9°C.

And now you might be wondering – what does this mean to the millions of tourists and the island folks?

An Urgent Call for Conservation

With the official emergency announcement this Friday, a large-scale information campaign will also kick-off, targeting both the inhabitants and visitors. As expats in Sweden, we know how crucial it is to adapt and co-exist with the local communities. So, if Tenerife happens to be on your next vacation list, you’ll need to bear this in mind and do your bit to save water.

In Conclusion

So, friends, this is not merely a Spanish issue. It’s a global one. Climate change is wreaking havoc all around us. This news serves as a powerful reminder that we are not immune, not even in beautiful vacation spots like Tenerife.

At the end of the day, it’s about how we respond, adapt, and contribute to sustainable solutions. Let’s keep this conversation alive and remember, every drop counts!

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