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Stockholm Cancels Agreement with Rental Bike Companies

The City of Stockholm has decided to cancel its agreement with the bicycle rental company, Stockholm Ebikes. The decision is justified by the fact that there have been repeated breaches of contract by the company.

“They have simply not been able to deliver what is in the agreement,” said Traffic Councilor Lars Strömgren (MP) to DN.

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The bikes and stations have been too few and the batteries have not been charged properly. The app has also not been reliable. All these problems led to the city’s announcement on Tuesday afternoon that the agreement with Stockholm Ebikes is being cancelled.

The system with the rental bikes is mostly financed by advertising revenue from outdoor advertising. When the agreement is now cancelled, Stockholm Ebikes must at its own expense dismantle the advertising boards that have been erected and then restore the land within three months.

The city of Stockholm is also taking the matter to court and demanding an additional SEK 10.7 million in fines from the company.

Whether and, if so, how the people who have subscribed to Stockholm’s rental bikes will be replaced is currently unclear.

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