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AI Revolution in Swedish Public Sector: A New Era of Efficiency

AI Revolution in Swedish Public Sector

Mark your calendars, folks! Come next Tuesday, a trailblazing project in our public sector will take flight. Imagine having an AI model that’s just like Chat GPT, but custom-made for Swedish public sector employees!

An AI Assistant to the Rescue

The main idea behind this AI model? Acting as a handy-dandy assistant to public employees. How? It plans to harness technology similar to what powers Chat GPT. The only difference? This AI model is specifically tailored to fit like a glove in Swedish municipalities and agencies. The added bonus? It will summarize and analyse text, make it easier to understand, and even create reports, applications, and other documents. Who’s responsible for this undertakes? A semi-state-funded organization called AI Sweden in collaboration with various municipalities and regions. Look forward to its large-scale operation by 2026!

AI Sweden aims to create a ‘Chat GPT’, but tailored for the Swedish public sector, developing it with our democratic values, norms, societal diversity, and ensuring that the data fed is handled securely.”

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The Learning Curve

Getting a bit technical here, but trust me, it’s interesting! Language models like GPT, the backbone of the renowned Chat GPT, belong to a fast-evolving domain in AI. They learn through analyzing heaps of text, identifying patterns, and understanding human instructions while producing language. It’s a double-edged sword, though. While impressive, these systems also tend to behave unpredictably, often blundering facts, which AI developers term as ‘hallucinations’.

The Swedish Innovation

AI Sweden has already developed a Swedish language AI model, dubbed GPT-SW3. Trained on Swedish language, it aims to become a national AI resource. The upcoming assistant may springboard from the GPT-SW3, but with a special training twist.

The new assistant can build on GPT-SW3, but in a specially trained variant.

Kickoff and Funding

The project’s initial phase will run till summer 2024 with Kungsbacka municipality, Tjörn municipality, Gothenburg city, Region Skåne, Region Halland, and Region Västra Götaland. More municipalities and regions are expected to join the party later. The assistant will primarily serve public employees. Still, it might also offer bespoke advice to citizens, as per AI Sweden’s statement. The project’s first round of funding, a solid 8 million kronor, comes from the state-owned Vinnova.

Next in Line

As we’re still reeling from this news, AI Sweden is already onto its next venture. A successor to GPT-SW3 that can handle not just text, but image and sound too! Dubbed multimodal models, these impressive entities, bolstered with a generous 7.5 million kronor fund, promise communication on a whole new level. A glimpse of this revolution is seen in Google’s latest AI model, Gemeni, designed multimodal from day one.

So, fellow expats, a fascinating expedition into the world of AI awaits us in Sweden’s public sector. A new chapter in efficiency and support is about to unfold. Let’s hope for a smooth and productive journey!

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