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Girl Dead in Storm: Extreme Weather Continues in Italy

  • Intense Storm Hits Northern Italy

A major storm hit northern Italy on Monday evening, causing widespread damage. Fallen trees blocked roads and railway tracks, and a 16-year-old girl was killed after being pinned under a tree. Public transport in Milan was severely limited due to the storm.

  • High Temperatures Cause Flight Diversions in Southern Italy

Meanwhile, high temperatures in southern Italy caused several flights to be diverted. In Sicily, temperatures are expected to reach 48 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, and air traffic was completely canceled at Olbia airport when the asphalt was too hot.

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  • Emergency Services Battle Wildfires in Sicily

Emergency services are also battling wildfires in Sicily. The fires have destroyed homes and businesses, and forced thousands of people to evacuate.

  • Extensive Damage Caused by Extreme Weather

The extreme weather conditions have caused extensive damage throughout Italy. Emergency services are working tirelessly to respond to these issues and help those affected by this extreme weather event.

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