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Rising Gang Violence in Sweden: Unraveling the Complexities


Have you heard the latest news from Sweden? There’s been a bit of a worrying situation developing, involving a large explosion in Ekholmen. It seems like straight out a movie, right? Only it’s very real.

Getting Down to the Blast

Early morning around 6 a.m. on a calm day, life in Ekholmen, a cozy district in central Sweden, was abruptly disrupted by a loud blast. Scarily enough, an entire facade was blown off a building! Luckily, there were no serious injuries, although a woman in her mid-20s had to be taken to the hospital for a checkup.

“No casualties were reported at the site of the explosion, just minor injuries.”

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A Gang-related Incident?

Now the big question everyone has, what triggered this explosion? Although no one’s been arrested, Ekot (Sweden’s public radio broadcaster) hinted at a rather unsettling connection. They suggested this explosion could be linked with a violent internal conflict cooking within the Foxtrot gang – a notorious criminal group in Sweden. However, not all is clear yet, as the police are yet to confirm this unsettling revelation.

Disturbing Trend

Many of you might remember I mentioned the increasing gang violence in Sweden in one of our latest chats. In recent weeks, tensions between Foxtrot gang’s leader Rawa Majid and Ismail Abdo, his former right-hand man, has led to multiple deadly shootings. This explosion seems to add another alarming layer to this problem.

“The ongoing conflict within Foxtrot gang has recently escalated to deadly shootings and now maybe even an explosion.”

A Repeat Concerns

Strikingly, this wasn’t the only blast in Sweden in recent times. A separate explosion occurred in an apartment block in the Hässelby strand area on Monday evening, which injured three people. Luckily, there were no life-threatening injuries this time either, but around 30 people had to evacuate their homes. The reason or the target behind this blast remains unknown yet, as the police continue their investigation.


Isn’t it unsettling, all this increasing violence? For us, as expats living in Sweden, it’s crucial we stay informed about these issues. But let’s also take solace in the fact that Swedish authorities are thoroughly investigating these disturbing events. They won’t rest until they figure out who’s behind this chaos, ensuring our safety. Until we chat again, take care and stay safe.

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