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Nazuk Turdieva Becomes Sweden’s Master Chef

When this year’s master chef Nazuk Turdieva offers food, meat is on the menu. Many TV viewers have cheered and believed in Nazuk Turdieva, “that crying welder from Boden” in this year’s edition of Sweden’s master chef on TV4. On Wednesday evening, she emerged as the winner and she certainly shed a tear or two – albeit reluctantly.

Just like several master chefs before her, Nazuk has jumped at the suggestion to cook and at the same time allow herself to be interviewed in the reporter’s kitchen. Unlike the television recordings, she is not limited by time. In addition, she has access to the pantry at all times.

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Sure they were competitors, but Nazuk and Fanny Andersson Werngren, the other master chef finalist have also become very close friends. So close that they made a pact before the finals. “We decided that whoever won would invite the other on a trip”, reveals Nazuk.

Speaking of travel, the participants of the TV show usually get to test their skills in a foreign kitchen. Last year they got to go to the Maldives.

At this point, she has cut into the sliced ​​inner thigh that will become Asian raw beef. Nazuk has a busy schedule during the day in Stockholm. Interviews and TV recordings must be completed.

Nazuk was praised for its tacos. They brought her to the master chef kitchen where she has been celebrating great triumphs for the past few weeks. On Wednesday evening, she received the proof in the form of a statuette, 250,000 kroner and a cookbook contract.

The idea was a cookbook for children to be called “Nazuk and Milla cook!”. I want the children to leave their toads and for cooking to be something that parents and children do together. A simple way to socialize.

Nazuk started working early to help with the family’s finances. She got hooked on welding and she hasn’t regretted it.

Nazuk loves to cook and she got that love from her mother Maria who came to Boden from Kazakhstan in the mid-1990s with her daughters Ipara and Nazuk .

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