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Cyberattack Targets IMY: What it Means for the Expat Community in Sweden

IMY Takes Legal Action After Suspected Cyberattack

Weverse news coming in! The Integrity Protection Authority (known as IMY in Sweden), has filed a police report in response to a suspected cyberattack. The report occurred early Tuesday morning targeting the agency’s official website, as narrated by Per Lövgren, head of the press at IMY. Can you believe it?

A Pro-Russian Hacker Group Claim

According to Aftonbladet, a popular tabloid, a pro-Russian hacker group announced on Telegram that it attacked the authority’s website and other Swedish sites. Fascinating twist, right? But here’s the tangle: Lövgren cannot confirm this information.

“We don’t know who is behind this,” he states.

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So, the mystery remains largely unsolved, folks!

Discovering the Attack

The attack was spotted around 8AM- an early day for cyber mischief, right? Swedish expats, if you were up early trying to access the IMY site, that’s why you experienced some technical hurdles.

“We took various measures and it took a while for us to understand what had happened,” recalls Lövgren.

What This Means for the Expat Community

If you’re an expat in Sweden, I’m sure you’re wondering how this affects you. The answer lies in the function of IMY, which plays a significant role in protecting individuals privacy rights. Cyberattacks can raise questions about data protection and privacy, something vital for everyone, especially expats who heavily rely on online services for several necessities.


Sweden may be known for ABBA, IKEA, and delightful meatballs, but cyberattacks are definitely not on the popular list. So this incident comes as a rather jarring surprise. As expats, it’s essential to stay updated about local happenings, especially those that concern privacy and data protection. After all, knowledge is power, and understanding what’s happening in your adopted homeland is part of feeling at home. Stay tuned for more updates as we unravel this digital mystery.

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