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Discover Unseen Sweden: A Summer Adventure by Train

Discover Sweden’s Unseen Beauty by Train This Summer

Hello folks! Ever thought of hopping on a train and getting lost in the enchanting views of Sweden? If not, it is high time you give it a shot! From towering mountains to stunning beaches let’s embark on this rail adventure!

Adventure Awaits on Rails

Fancy hassle-free travels with no worries about airport queues or sat-nav arguments? Well, railway journeys in Sweden come as the perfect solution. Plus, points for reducing our carbon footprint! So, grab your fika, enjoy some wine, or get cozy with a good book as the train carries us to the best of Sweden.

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“Traveling by train not only pampers you with spellbinding window views but also boosts the explorer spirit in children.”

North or South? Choose Your Own Adventure

Keen on experiencing the wild beauty of Sweden? The north beckons with adventures waiting to unravel. With direct trains to Örnsköldsvik, you can soak in the majestic beauty of the High Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking, climbing, watersports, or exploring centuries-old fishing villages, northern Sweden has it all.

For sun lovers, an unusually hot summer in southern Sweden can be a perfect escape. Explore the sandy beaches or delight in the historic city of Karlskrona that spreads across 30 islands.

Central Sweden: A Miniature Sweden!

Dalarna, known for its craft traditions and vivid landscapes, is often hailed as ‘Sweden in miniature’. The rust-red cottages have become synonymous to Sweden’s beauty. To get a glimpse of traditional small towns and wildlife, a train ride from Borlänge to Mora unveils vibrant views of Lake Siljan.

The Heart of Sweden

In the heart of Sweden lies the region of East Sweden where city life meets raw nature. The region offers city escapes like Norrköping and Linköping teamed with a tranquil escape to Lake Vättern or a hike in Europe’s northernmost beech forests.

To the west, the journey between Mariestad and Lidköping, voted as Sweden’s most beautiful train route, offers the best of all worlds – history, picturesque stations, and the breathtaking Kinnekulle.

“Train journeys are much more than a means of transportation. They are an experience in themselves, feeding you with a plethora of stories and unforgettable moments.”


Summers in Sweden are not just about taking a dip in the sea or enjoying a fika outdoors. They’re about exploring the unseen beauty of the country, connecting with its abundant nature, and creating a hub of memories.

Isn’t it best to do it while sitting back, munching on your sandwich, and enjoying the mesmerizing view outside your train window? Let the landscapes tell their stories as you traverse the regions and soak in the beauty of Sweden. Plan your trip. All aboard!

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