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Tech Billionaires’ Dream City Triggers Uproar in San Francisco


Tech Billionaires Dream of Utopia in San Francisco

Move over, Silicon Valley! Billionaires from the technology industry want to set up a brand-new dream city right by San Francisco. But not everyone is thrilled about it, some folks think those big bucks could be used elsewhere. The folks living in Solano County will now get to vote on the proposal.

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A New Age City in Silicon Valley

Imagine this – a brand-new mega-city nestled between San Francisco and Sacramento on the US West Coast. Talk about the ultimate tech haven! As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, this idea has sparked quite an uproar, including lawsuits and heaps of speculation.

As of Wednesday, the proposal was formalized, and it was decided to hold a vote along with the upcoming presidential and congressional elections. The new urban area, yet to be given a catchy name, is set to be located just north of Rio Vista. The company, California Forever, has been secretly buying up land worth roughly 8 to 10 billion Swedish Kronor in the past five years.


City of the Future with a Human Touch

Upon completion, this tech-tropolis is expected to house a whopping 400,000 residents! The proposed city promises all the amenities: schools, parks, and public transportation. To kick-start the dream, it intends to start with 50,000 inhabitants.

Wait, there’s more: the city will be built in environmentally friendly and pedestrian-friendly ways. Jan Sramek, California Forever’s CEO, envisions a utopian future.


Voices From The Other Side?

However, not all are amused by this new-age utopia. Landowners, many of whom are farmers with livestock and crops on this land, are vehemently opposing the build.

The new landowners have already been sued by residents. Further, counter-lawsuits have been filed by California Forever accusing those who sold land of jacking up prices in a cartel-like fashion. Debate around the philosophical question of the city’s existence has erupted in the densely populated Bay Area around the San Francisco Bay.


One former Solano County official, Duane Kromm, is wary of the owners, stating, “We don’t know exactly what they’re after, but this is about rich autocrats who think they can buy anything.”

To silence critics, California Forever has also proposed a separate support of about two billion Swedish Kronor for the development of more vulnerable parts of the region.


Opinion vs Needs: A Difficult Balance

The twin cities of San Francisco and Oakland have other critical issues: homelessness, poverty, and drug-related misery. Amongst these pressing concerns, the dream of a billion-dollar city might seem out of touch to some, which makes this upcoming vote in Solano County a fascinating one to watch. As exciting as a tech utopia might sound, it is yet to be seen if the dreams of a few can become a reality for many.

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