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Demonstration Against Quran Burnings in Stockholm

Demonstrations against Quran Burnings in Stockholm

At the end of this week, Stockholm saw a demonstration against Quran burnings that has caused strong reactions internationally. On Friday, a permitted demonstration organized by several organizations was held on Norrbro between Gamla Stan and Norrmalm in central Stockholm, attended by around 150 people.

Victor Samaina, chairman of the non-profit organization Orient House, was one of the organizers of the demonstration and said that it was important to protect Sweden's freedom of expression but also to be aware of people's feelings. He pointed out that society has changed significantly since the 70s, and that burning a Quran today would cause much more emotions than it did back then. He added that the demonstration was aimed at politicians to make them ask themselves whether they want the fighting, division and hatred that these Koran burnings can cause. He also said that representatives from different congregations, both Jewish and Christian, have expressed their support for the demonstration.

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Instead of Quran burnings, Victor Samaina called for dialogue on religious issues and reminded people that violence should not be used in such conversations. He said that one is welcome to criticize Islam and he would explain and defend his faith. However, if the critic does not want to understand, then there is no danger. He concluded his statement by saying: "For me, fire is violence."

The demonstration on Friday shows that there is clearly a need to stick together in difficult times and for politicians to consider their actions more carefully when it comes to Quran burnings. However, it is also important to remind ourselves that dialogue is key in understanding different beliefs and should be sought out instead of resorting to violence or hatred.

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