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Stockholm’s Pursuit of Peace: The Cost and Impact of ‘Operation Frank’

Swedish Police Respond to Stockholm’s Wave of Violence: A Costly Quest for Security


When serene Stockholm was suddenly plunged into a wave of nefarious violence around Christmas last year, the local police found themselves operating at full throttle. The escalating unrest required the mobilization of law enforcement all over the country to quench the turmoil. The resultant police special event — dubbed “Operation Frank”— has reportedly cost an imposing SEK 30 million, of which the hotel bill alone was SEK 19 million. But according to Deputy Chief of Staff Teodor Smedius, the endeavor was fully justified, as “good police work costs money.”

Looking Closer at Operation ‘Frank’

The surging tides of violence necessitated drastic measures to reinstate Stockholm’s tranquillity. To tackle the rising criminal proceedings, the police launched “Operation Frank”. The event enlisted personnel from several regional police departments, inducing additional costs to accommodate them all. Hotels and extra salary payments amounted to SEK 19 million and SEK 12 million, respectively, as per SR Ekot’s reports.

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The Price of Peace

The significant investments into “Operation Frank” might raise eyebrows among the expats residing in Sweden, given their less-frequented exposure to such violent acts in the past. Yet, the operation’s tangible results vouch for its necessity, having led to hundreds of weapons seized and numerous convictions for serious crimes. According to Smedius, the cost is a smaller price to pay when compared to the potential consequences of unchecked crime. If such a collaborative operation had not been put in place, the potential for further violence and possible homicides would have been far more substantial.


Smedius emphasizes that the police’s priority is “to prevent several murders and lots of violent crimes,” and adds that, with investing in “Operation Frank,” the value of human life, which may seem unquantifiable, is greater than the costs. While the deployment of personnel from across the country has its associated costs, it’s still a worthy investment in the pursuit of restored peace and safety.

“We have prevented several murders and lots of violent crimes which you can translate, if you are cynical then, into values that are extremely much greater than what this police effort has cost. So it’s absolutely worth it.” – Deputy Chief of Staff, Teodor Smedius

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