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Blue Supermoon makes an Appearance in Sweden’s Sky

Catching A Glimpse of “Blue Supermoon” in Sweden

Astronomy aficionados and curious expats, you’re in for a treat this Wednesday evening! Sweden’s celestial sky is about to stage an unusually large, impressive spectacle, termed the “blue supermoon”.

Understanding The “Supermoon” Phenomenon

Imagine, the moon appearing seven percent larger than usual! Such a wonder occurs due to the moon’s elliptical orbit around earth. Its varying distance from our planet results in the phenomenon known as a “supermoon”. “When the moon is closest to the Earth and it coincides with a full moon, it is called a ‘supermoon’,” explains Peter Linde, a docent in astronomy and chairman of the Swedish Astronomical Society.

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Why Does The Moon Appear So Large?

The size perception isn’t just about its proximity to the Earth. The late summer period further enhances it. With the full moon hanging low above the horizon, nearby elements like buildings or trees become reference points. This produces an optical illusion that makes the moon appear larger.

Get Ready, Expat Community!

Expat community in Northern Norrland, the west coast, and Skåne have the greatest chance of witnessing this event. However, keep in mind the weather unpredictabilities as fog and haze could somewhat cloud the view. SMHI’s meteorologist Emma Härenstam advises, “The chance of seeing it is quite large, actually the further north you go in the country.”

And guess what? You might also spot the planet Saturn subtly shining above the moon. Doesn’t the idea of spotting a planet from your naked eye sound thrilling? “Overall, it will be a beautiful spectacle. It is much more beautiful to see the moon close to the horizon compared to when it is high in the sky,” asserts Linde.

Not Your Regular Full Moon

Interestingly, this is the second full moon of August which qualifies for the tag ‘blue moon’. It’s not about the moon turning blue, rather when two full moons occur within a calendar month, that’s a ‘blue moon’. Combine that with our supermoon phenomenon, and we have the “blue supermoon”. This rare occurrence isn’t due again until 2037. Let’s not miss this “once in a blue moon” encounter!

Concluding Thoughts

Savour these mesmerising celestial spectacles. They are a great opportunity for us expats to engage with the local culture, while adopting Sweden as our second home. Remember, the Universe has its way of making us feel both tiny and immense all at once. Happy moon-gazing!

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