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Tragic School Shooting Incident in Vanda, Finland


Some troubling news has reached us from the peaceful nation of Finland. There’s been a horrifying incident in Vanda, a lovely town near Helsinki, where two twelve-year-old girls have been gravely injured in a school shooting.

Unfolding of the Incident

It happened last Tuesday, very early in the morning, when one of their schoolmates, a boy the same age, brought a firearm to school. Sadly, another twelve-year-old boy was also shot and lost his life.

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As an expat, it hits hard knowing that such tragedy could strike anytime, anywhere, affecting innocent children going about their daily lives. This story has been quite the somber talk of the town across the Nordic region, and we felt it’s important to discuss it openly with our community.

Reason Behind the Shooting

During police investigations, the suspected shooter confessed to being bullied at school. Having only recently transferred into Viertola School in the Bäckby area of Vanda about eleven weeks prior to the incident — presumably because of a move — the boy struggles with his new surroundings become shockingly apparent.

“There’s evidence that supports premeditation for the crime, found in the boy’s phone and computer. However, for investigation reasons, we can’t disclose more at the moment,” says investigator Marko Särkkä.

Where There’s Smoke…

Here’s the chilling part: it appears the weapon used was a revolver, which belongs to one of the boy’s relatives. The big question is how this child managed to gain access to it. This particular aspect is under separate prosecution as a suspected weapon crime.

The security footage paints haunting pictures — the boy arriving at school dressed in regular clothes, but within a few minutes, he is seen leaving, weapon in hand. The entire incident was over in a matter of minutes.


It’s a shocking incident, especially considering the peaceful aura that often surrounds the Nordic countries. It’s a stark reminder that even in seemingly safe environments, tragedy can strike, particularly when social issues like bullying are involved. As a community in Sweden, we have to ensure that our children are safe and that the school environment is one that ensures their overall well-being.

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims in this harrowing time, and with the Finnish community as they come to terms with this horror. We hope for a swift recovery for the two girls fighting for their lives in the hospital. Let’s remember to continue fostering open dialogs about such incidents, to prevent them from ever happening again.

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