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Swedish Migration Agency Planning New Return Center at Arlanda Airport

New Return Center in the Works by Swedish Migration Agency

Efforts are underway by the Swedish Migration Agency to establish a return center, potentially at Arlanda Airport. This initiative is born out of the need to create more accommodation for migrants, focusing on those arriving and departing.

Fulfilling a Government Mandate

As part of the government’s mandate to establish return centers, the Swedish Migration Agency is seeking locations near Arlanda Airport. This move is expected to increase the number of places for arrivals and departures, catering to the ongoing fluctuations in migrant populations. The planned accommodations are expected to serve between 400 to 800 people, providing facilities such as living rooms, dining areas, hygiene facilities, spaces for playing, socializing, as well as offices, storage, and temporary housing.

“The Swedish Migration Agency needs more places to receive people who come to Sweden as well as places to stay before leaving,” – Oskar Ekblad, Director of Service Department, Swedish Migration Agency.

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A Return Center in the Making

A return center is specifically designed for people who have had their asylum requests rejected, and are required to leave Sweden. The Agency is currently exploring various options regarding the construction of such a center. The newly procured accommodation at Arlanda Airport might play a significant role in this plan, though it is initially designed to serve as an arrival and departure point.


The move by the Swedish Migration Agency is an important one in addressing the needs of migrant populations, and particularly those who have had their asylum requests rejected. In establishing a return center by Arlanda, the government and Agency are acknowledging the need for well-structured, humane systems in place to handle migration. The expat community, in particular, will find solace in the knowledge that such efforts are being made to accommodate these variations in migrant numbers in a respectful and compassionate manner.

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