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Air Traffic Returns to Normal After Thunderstorms

Air Traffic Returns to Normal Following Thunderstorms

Residents in the Stockholm area are breathing a collective sigh of relief after Sunday’s thunderstorms, with air traffic now returning to normal. Many flights have been delayed throughout the afternoon, according to the state-owned airport company Swedavia.

About 20 flights to and from Arlanda Airport have been affected by the afternoon’s thunder, but according to Swedavia, the traffic situation has improved.

Peter Wärring, press spokesperson at Swedavia, released a statement to TT at 3:30 PM with an update on the situation. He said, “We are on our way back to a more normalized situation. The plane that was supposed to land has started to land.” Unfortunately, it is still unclear when traffic will be completely back to normal.

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Bromma airport has also experienced delays due to the thunderstorm, although to a lesser extent than Arlanda. Nevertheless, it is reassuring that air traffic is gradually returning to its normal state and passengers can expect delays to further decrease in the upcoming days.

The recent thunderstorm caused many delays in and around Stockholm, yet it appears that air traffic is now returning to its usual state. With the help of airport company Swedavia and other organizations, residents can be sure that their flights will no longer be affected by the thunderstorm. Despite this recent setback, passengers can be reassured that they will be able to travel safely and smoothly from now on.

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