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International Students Awaiting Residency Permits in Sweden

The Unexpected Hurdle: International Students Await Residency Permits in Sweden


As universities in Sweden gear up for another academic year, many international students are still waiting for their residency permits. This is a stressful situation for students, who are eager to start their studies.

An annual concern, a recurring reality

Every year, international students from all over the world face delays in getting their residency permits for Sweden. Maria Olsson, Programme Manager at the Karolinska Institute, says that the situation this year is “somewhat typical,” but that there are still students who may miss out on their studies. Katarina Jonsson Berglund, Head of the Education Office at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, also notes that this is a widespread problem.

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Breaking down the numbers

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, as of the time of writing, there are 2,555 international students still waiting for a decision on their residency permits. The majority of these students are from Nigeria (510), Sri Lanka (502), India (281), and Iran (271).

The longest wait times

The longest wait times are for students from Turkey, who have waited an average of 151 days for a decision. Students from the UK and the US have also had to wait for a long time, with average wait times of 137 and 125 days, respectively.

Piecing together the causes

There are a number of factors that can contribute to delays in processing residency permits for international students. These include discrepancies in application documents, involvement of Sweden’s Säpo security police, and the need for additional verification from the student’s home country.


The delays in processing residency permits for international students are a serious problem. These delays can put students’ dreams at risk and raise questions about the efficiency of bureaucratic processes. We hope that the Swedish government will take steps to address this issue and ensure that all international students have a fair chance to study in Sweden.

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