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Unmasking Sweden’s Dark Dog Trade: Exposing Unethical Practices

The Dark Side of Dog Sales in Sweden

Picture this: You want to buy a dog, take it home and make it part of your family. Now imagine being told that the pup you’re about to welcome home is nothing short of a “killing machine”. That’s the reality potential buyers are facing in Sweden when they set out to purchase certain breeds of dogs, better known as “fighting dogs”. The latest report from TV4’s investigative program, Cold Facts, has blown the lid off the shady practices of some dog sellers.

The Exposed ‘Killing Machine’ Sales Pitch

34 sellers were contacted by a reporter posing as an inexperienced dog owner with a criminal background, looking for a dog that could act as a deterrent. Surprisingly, 19 of them had no qualms about that and continued their sales pitch, showcasing the fighting willingness of the dogs as a unique selling point. In their words, “If you’re the pack leader, they’ll walk into death for you”. Some even went on to describe how these dogs are trained to attack, not just legs, but high up around the neck.

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A Breach of Swedish Animal Welfare Ordinance

According to Swedish Animal Welfare Ordinance, it’s illegal to breed or own dogs with high aggression or dogs that pose a threat to humans and other dogs. Yet many sellers take advantage of this wildness, and continue a sales narrative that dangerously promotes aggression.

Defining a fighting dog – A breed trained with the intent of becoming successful in fights against other dogs or animals. Some examples include the American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull Terrier._

Legal or Not, It’s Happening Anyway

Television reports done with hidden cameras and recorded conversations reveal that 11 of the sellers were private individuals, while eight were registered members of the Swedish Kennel Club. The question remains, how are such unethical practices going unnoticed?

In Conclusion…

So, if you’re an expat in Sweden looking out to get a new pet, be informed and be cautious. The balance of trust between buyer and seller is teetering. It’s a wakeup call for the Kennel Club as well, to keep a keener eye on their listed breeders. The spotlight is now on Sweden’s dark dog industry, but the hope is that this revelation will spark the necessary changes for the better.

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