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Climate Expert: Ski Resorts Set Stage for Serious Consequences

Introduction: The Vulnerability of Ski Resorts in Extreme Weather Conditions

From torrential downpours to landslides, it is becoming increasingly apparent that ski resorts are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. In the wake of this week’s storm in Åre, Sweden, climate experts have come forward to criticize the exploitation of ski resorts and their lack of preparedness for extreme weather. Removing vegetation, building on slopes and failing to clean drums and dams can all contribute to increased vulnerability and put the surrounding communities at risk.

The Impact of Climate Change on Ski Resorts

The impact of climate change on ski resorts is a major concern. As temperatures rise, snow cover is becoming less reliable, and ski seasons are becoming shorter. This is leading to financial losses for ski resorts, and it is also putting the safety of skiers and snowboarders at risk.

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The Role of Vegetation in Protecting Ski Resorts

Vegetation plays an important role in protecting ski resorts from extreme weather conditions. Trees and shrubs help to absorb water, which can help to prevent flooding and landslides. They also help to stabilize slopes, which can reduce the risk of avalanches.

The Dangers of Building on Slopes

Building on slopes is a major risk factor for natural disasters. When heavy rains or snowmelt occur, water can quickly collect on slopes and cause flooding or landslides. This is a particular risk in ski resorts, where buildings are often located in or below slopes.

How Ski Resorts Can Protect Themselves

There are a number of steps that ski resorts can take to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. These include:

  • Replanting or preserving vegetation on slopes
  • Cleaning drums and dams
  • Avoiding building on slopes or in areas with mountain streams that can overflow
  • Investing in early warning systems
  • Developing evacuation plans
The Future of Ski Resorts

The future of ski resorts is uncertain. As climate change continues to impact snow cover, it is likely that some ski resorts will be forced to close. However, other resorts may be able to adapt by investing in artificial snowmaking or by diversifying their offerings to include other activities, such as hiking and biking.

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