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Netflix Cracks Down on Shared Accounts, Sweden Included

Swedish Netflix users recently received an email notification from the streaming service, stating that accounts are now restricted to sharing exclusively within their own households.

In Sweden, each Netflix account allows for the creation of up to five profiles within a single household. However, it has become common for friends, acquaintances, or even out-of-town children to take advantage of shared accounts. To address this, Netflix aims to curtail account sharing.

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To comply with the new policy, users are encouraged to take control of their accounts and transfer any non-household profiles to a separate subscription. As an alternative, they have the option to purchase an additional subscription for an external member at an additional cost of SEK 49 per month, as announced in the company’s press release.

Netflix boasts a massive subscriber base of 233 million worldwide. However, the company estimates that an additional 100 million households access Netflix content without subscribing. In response, Netflix previously implemented restrictions on password sharing in South America, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. Now, both the United States and Nordic countries, including Sweden, are following suit.

The rationale behind this change is to ensure fair usage, combat account abuse, and enhance the overall user experience. By limiting sharing to within a household, Netflix aims to maintain the integrity of their service while encouraging more individuals to subscribe individually.

While some users may welcome this change, others have voiced concerns about the additional cost and limitations it imposes. Social media platforms and interviews with Swedish Netflix users reflect a mix of reactions, showcasing both support and dissent.

Statistics indicate that sharing accounts with friends, acquaintances, and extended family members has been a prevalent practice in Sweden. Surveys suggest that a significant portion of Netflix users engage in such sharing arrangements, often without subscribing individually.

The impact of this policy shift on Netflix’s subscriber count, user satisfaction, and revenue in Sweden remains to be seen. It is possible that some users may choose to subscribe individually, while others might opt for alternative streaming services or seek workarounds to continue sharing accounts.

In conclusion, Netflix’s decision to crack down on shared accounts in Sweden aligns with their ongoing efforts to ensure fair usage and combat account abuse. While it may lead to changes in user behavior and pose potential challenges for some subscribers, the long-term effects of this policy adjustment on Netflix and its Swedish user base are yet to unfold.

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