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Profiles of Sweden’s Women’s World Cup Squad Stars

Meet the Stars of Sweden’s World Cup Squad

Today we invite you to get to know the faces behind Sweden’s prowess in the Women’s World Cup. Today, we meet players like Amanda Ilestedt, Fridolina Rolfö, and others. Each woman brings a unique set of skills on the field and has a distinctive journey that led them to become part of Team Sweden.

The Shining Stars

Amanda Ilestedt, a 30-year-old Arsenal player, surprises everyone as Sweden’s leading goal scorer in the tournament. Hailing from Sölvesborg, Blekinge, on Sweden’s southeast coast, Ilestedt’s football journey includes illustrious names like Turbine Potsdam, Bayern Munich, and now Arsenal. In this World Cup, excellent scores against South Africa, Italy, and Spain amplify her football prowess.

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The talented Fridolina Rolfö, a 26-year-old Barcelona player, closely follows Ilestedt. Ranked 19th in the Guardian’s list of the 100 best female footballers in the world in December 2022, Rolfö’s scores in this tournament reveal her undeniable talent.

Fun Fact: Rolfö’s hometown is Hanhals in Halland, and she played at two smaller clubs around Gothenburg before hitting her stride in the big leagues.

With two goals matching Rolfö’s count, 26-year-old Rebecka Blomqvist from Uddevalla is a player to watch. Her football journey started at Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC, progressing to Germany’s VfL Wolfsburg in 2020.

Breaking New Ground

Filippa Angeldal, a 26-year-old Manchester City player and another rising star, distinguished herself by scoring her first world cup goal against Japan. Angeldal, originally from Uppsala, joined Damallsvenskan when signed to Hammarby in 2016.

Stina Blackstenius, another seasoned player from Arsenal, isn’t having a stellar scoring world cup. Still, her contribution on the field remains indispensable, holding up the back line like a true pro.

The Veterans

Caroline Seger salutes the team as an experienced captain with 18 years as a national footballer under her belt. At 38, she became the first Swedish player to participate in five world cups.

Kosovare Asllani, a 34-year-old AC Milan player, is revered for her speed and technique. Serving as a deputy captain, Asllani started her Damallsvenskan career at Linköpings FC in 2007, alternating between Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, and Real Madrid.

Note: Asllani secured Sweden’s spot in the tournament with a decisive goal against Ireland.

The Defence Wall

Even among these shining stars, 27-year-old Chelsea Goalkeeper Zećira Mušović stands out, much thanks to her consistent performance in blocking goal after goal. After a wait of five years in the national team, her current performance shows she was worth the wait.

Serving as the team’s third captain, 29-year-old Magdalena Eriksson, from Bayern Munich, strengthens the team’s defense. Ranked 43rd in the Guardian’s list of the best female footballers, Eriksson remains a consistent and influential player.

These powerful and diverse women represent the strength of Swedish football in the world. Through their dedication and resilience, they continue to carve a remarkable path forward, leaving us excited about the future of the World Cup and women’s football in Sweden.

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