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Tesla Struggles in Sweden; Dips in Education Rankings and SOS Alarm Response Times

Hey folks, there are a few exciting stories you might have missed in the news today. From Tesla woes to concerns about education. Here they are in bite-sized chunks.

Trouble in Paradise for Tesla

So, Tesla’s not having a great time in Sweden right now! Drivers are striking because Tesla refuses to sign an agreement with the IF Metall union. As a result, about 130 mechanics across seven cities have walked off the job since October 27th.

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What’s interesting is that this protest has turned into a much bigger battle with multiple unions. Even postal workers are on strike, which means new Teslas are not getting their license plates and no new Teslas can drive out there. I bet that’s a moment of panic for our for eco-conscious friends!

Also, this week the strike hit the Nordics. Unions in Finland, Denmark and Norway announced that they, too, would start blocking the loading of Tesla cars onto ships bound for Swedish ports, starting December 20th. What a ripple effect, right?

An Concerning Dip in Education

In other news, the government is quite worried about students’ declining performance in the Pisa education rankings. Between 2018 and 2022, there was a drop in reading and math scores. Although Sweden still sits above the OECD average, the fall follows a global trend possibly linked to school closures during the pandemic.

However, Pisa representatives feel that the pandemic is not the full explanation for Sweden, which generally tried to keep schools as open as possible.

An inquiry has been called for by the government to investigate this further. As Education Minister Mats Persson puts it, “It’s too easy to blame the pandemic.”

TIP: “vägran” in Swedish means refusal.

Emergency Calls Delayed

Lastly, don’t be shocked if you dial the emergency number, and no one picks up immediately. A new investigation reveals that the response times of SOS Alarm (Sweden’s emergency responders) take far too long.

The national aim is to pick up calls within eight seconds. However, the report shows that they haven’t hit the target for the past ten years. Even worse, this response time apparently depends on the location, and delays of over three minutes are increasing.

SOS Alarm insists they’ve improved in recent months, though. Let’s hope they have.

TIP: “svarstid” in Swedish means response time.

It’s been a rollercoaster here in Sweden! Keep yourself informed and let’s see how these situations pan out. Until next time, take care and stay safe.

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