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Power Outage in Kållered Coop Store: A Potential Disaster for Expats in Sweden

Power Outage at Kållered Grocery Store

Residents of Kållered, Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg, know all too well the devastation that can be caused by heavy rains. Storm Hans has wreaked havoc on the area, leaving the E 6 closed and a large shopping center surrounded by water over half a meter deep.

Store Manager Fears ‘Total Disaster’

Coop store manager Niklas Höglind was awoken early Wednesday morning with news that his store’s electricity had been cut off. He quickly made his way to the store, using a flashlight to light his way.

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“It could be a total disaster for us if we don’t get the power back soon,” Niklas said.

Staff and Customers Left in the Dark

When DN visited the shopping center shortly after seven o’clock on Wednesday morning, Coop staff were waiting outside in the rain to be let in with an emergency key as the code lock was not working. Inside, Niklas had to use his flashlight to look around. The warehouse could not be accessed due to the power outage and no one knew how long it would last or why it had occurred. The staff were taking refuge in the black lunch room.

Fish Shop Owner Worried About Goods

Outside the Coop shop there is a separate fish shop that required high boots to reach. The owner has been there for many years and was worried about what would happen to the goods when the electricity was out. The cooling did not work and he could not receive any deliveries either. All he could do was wait and hope that it would end soon – but then the rain started up again.

Technicians Scramble to Restore Power

Just then, a car with technicians from the electricity company drove around the area. It is unknown when power will be restored or if the store will suffer major losses as a result of the outage. In any case, locals can only hope for better weather and that their businesses are not too severely affected by Storm Hans.

Locals Hope for Better Weather

As the day wore on, the rain continued to fall and the power outage at the Coop store dragged on. Locals began to worry about the impact of the storm on their businesses and homes. They hoped that the power would be restored soon and that the weather would improve.

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