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Will Sweden Experience a White Christmas This Year?

White Christmas: A Chilly Hope or a Soggy Nightmare?

Hey there fellow expats in Sweden, grab a cuppa and let’s dive into the topic – ‘what’s Christmas going to look like this year?’

Balmy December and Soggy Landscapes

Just a week away from Christmas and it seems the sturdy, icy grip of winter has been replaced with slushy landscapes and above-zero temperatures in parts of the country. Imagine – we began December bundled up against fierce cold, and now it’s more splash than crunch under our feet.

Weather expert from SMHI, Emma Härenstam says, “In the next few days, the snow cover will be exposed to three of its worst enemies: above-freezing temperatures, windy weather, and rain.”

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Götaland and Svealand might even see their snow melting away. Quite a nail-biter, eh?

A Silver Lining?

But don’t lose hope for a white Christmas yet, even in the southern parts of Sweden. After the low pressure has passed, cooler air will sweep across Sweden, potentially leading to snowfall.

Emma Härenstam adds, “Below zero temperatures are expected from Friday right up to Christmas Eve. This means any snow that falls is likely to stay until Christmas Eve.”

That’s a comforting thought, isn’t it?

Watch Out For the Roads

With the weather change comes the risk of dangerous road conditions. Härenstam urges Christmas travelers to stay updated.

Emma says, “Things could get tricky on the roads on Thursday, possibly even Friday. With temperature hovering around freezing and mixed precipitation, road conditions might be challenging. There’s a risk that wet precipitation freezes when the cold air rolls in on Friday.”

Bundle Up, Stay Warm

Good news for the snow enthusiasts among you – the colder temperature seems to linger on after Christmas Eve.

However, Härenstam says it’s quite uncertain whether any precipitation will occur or not, since we’re speculating quite far into the future.

“The cold air seems to hang around even after Christmas,” Emma adds.

Christmas Eve Temperature Forecast (as of 18th December):

Stockholm: -5° C
Gothenburg: -1° C
Malmö: 2° C
…with similar degrees of frost in the other cities.

(Source: SMHI’s ten-day forecast)

So my friends, whether we’ll update our Instagram with dreamy white landscapes or soggy sidewalks, only time will tell. But let’s hold on to our hope for a white Christmas, and regardless of the weather, let’s make the most out of this magical time. Merry Christmas, and stay cosy!

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