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Double Bomb Threats Shock Norrkoping Residents in Early Morning

The Chilling Morning of Double Bomb Threats in Norrkoping


A clamorous early morning was witnessed in the peaceful city of Norrkoping, Sweden, consisting of not one, but two bomb scares within three hours of each other. Relating to all the expats out there, picture an alarming situation on a typical day in your new city, miles away from home. Frightening, isn’t it?

A Calm City Turns Chaotic

The first incident occurred at about 11 pm on Thursday when the police were alarmed about a detonation at a terraced house in the residential area of Klockaretorpet. Luckily, it ended up being a minor explosion that caused limited material damage. So, it was more of a night full of anxiety rather than actual harm for the inhabitants around.

“There was a minor detonation and it caused limited material damage,” explains police spokesperson, Angelica Forsberg.

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The second scare was just as the city was about to wake up to a new day; at around 2 am, another report about a potentially dangerous object in the Lindo district in Norrkoping was made. Both times, it was the National Bomb protection, emergency services, and ambulance that were summoned.

Investigation Underway

Both cases are still under rigorous investigation by the police, with uncertainty about whether these are isolated incidents or connected in some way. Obviously, they are not ruling out the possibility of crime tied to these events.

“I simply can’t answer whether there is a connection,” says Angelica Forsberg.

Safe Yet Scary

Happily, no one was hurt in either incident. But boy, oh boy, the incidents must have given residents quite a scare. Nobody expects to wake up to not one but two bomb scares in such a serene city.


The early morning alarm of potential danger has indeed kept the city on its toes, expats and locals alike. Safety is top priority, so don’t let your guards down. Keep an eye out, and never be shy to report anything suspicious.

After all, better safe than sorry, right? Stay safe, Norrkoping!

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