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Sweden Marches into NATO’s 2% Defense Spending Club


Everyone buckle up, especially if you’re an expat living in Sweden! Sweden, the beautiful Scandinavian country globally known for stylish IKEA furniture, an exquisite archipelago, and of course, ABBA, is making headlines in the defense sector.

Sweden Jumps into the 2% Spending Club

Welcome to the 2% club! Amid growing international tensions, Sweden, along with other NATO countries, is aiming to reach the goal of spending 2% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on defense, in line with NATO expectations. This development is fascinating, especially since Sweden’s defense budget hasn’t reached this in the past!

Did you know?
Sweden is expected to spend 2.2% of its GDP on defense this year. That’s quite a leap, considering that Sweden has almost doubled its defense budget between 2020 and 2024, as stated by Sweden’s Defense Minister, Pål Jonson.

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The Heat from the States

And why the sudden rush to reach this 2% spending mark on defense, you may ask? The answer lies across the Atlantic Ocean. Former US President Donald Trump recently reignited the issue by criticizing NATO countries that aren’t spending enough on their defense. With Trump aiming for a comeback in the White House, his words evidently still hold considerable weight internationally.

More Countries Marching Toward 2%

The 2% spending club is not going to be an exclusive Swedish group. According to the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, NATO expects 18 out of its 31 member nations to reach the 2% spending mark on defense by 2024. Last year, only 11 countries were part of this club. One of the new potential members is our old pal, France.

Is Helping Ukraine a Factor?

Another important discussion on the agenda is the intensified situation in Ukraine, with the country crying out for additional aid in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

“Supporting Ukraine is an investment in our own security,” said Jens Stoltenberg while heading into his meeting.


So what does this mean for those of us residing in Sweden, particularly the expat community? Primarily, it means living in a country that is taking strides in its defense spending. It’s a nation that is taking its role in NATO seriously and looking to contribute to global stability. All in all, living in Sweden is growing even more interesting, with the country extending its renowned efficiency and innovation from the private sector to defense. Go, Sweden!

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